style change + minimalist outfit

simpleness-outubro-2simpleness-outubro-2-b This is one of the outfits I’ve been reaching for the most for this only reason: comfort. Also, I love to pair jeans and sneakers!

You know I usually don’t wear accessories, but if I had to choose one to complete this outfit it would be a long and minimalist necklace. Maybe this is what is missing to make this outfit a bit more feminine.

Anyway, this is the way I would dress for a date with my husband – we generally go to coffee shops, bistros or burger and pizza nights 🙂
I realized I’m so into comfortable pieces and I guess you can tell by my outfits haha More sneakers, less heels (except for my ankle booties which have super comfortable heels!).

I’m wearing more neutral colors, as you noticed, and I also stopped with all the floral prints – not that I don’t like them anymore, but I wore them a lot and I figured that maybe I’m a bit tired of too girly outfits.
I still own a lot of pieces like floral dresses, skirts, but I’m looking for a way to bring them into my current style (which is more… neutral, I guess?). Maybe, I can layer them with a cardigan or wear other kind of shoes (not ballet flats) – which are very romantic. What do you think?

Any ideas? Please send me your suggestions!

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