style change + minimalist outfit

simpleness-outubro-2simpleness-outubro-2-b This is one of the outfits I’ve been reaching for the most for this only reason: comfort. Also, I love to pair jeans and sneakers!

You know I usually don’t wear accessories, but if I had to choose one to complete this outfit it would be a long and minimalist necklace. Maybe this is what is missing to make this outfit a bit more feminine.

Anyway, this is the way I would dress for a date with my husband – we generally go to coffee shops, bistros or burger and pizza nights 🙂
I realized I’m so into comfortable pieces and I guess you can tell by my outfits haha More sneakers, less heels (except for my ankle booties which have super comfortable heels!).

I’m wearing more neutral colors, as you noticed, and I also stopped with all the floral prints – not that I don’t like them anymore, but I wore them a lot and I figured that maybe I’m a bit tired of too girly outfits.
I still own a lot of pieces like floral dresses, skirts, but I’m looking for a way to bring them into my current style (which is more… neutral, I guess?). Maybe, I can layer them with a cardigan or wear other kind of shoes (not ballet flats) – which are very romantic. What do you think?

Any ideas? Please send me your suggestions!

what I have learnt about my style


My style already had some influences from magazines and blogs I used to read before. I thought that having some piece that was “in” would make me prettier or more up-to-date in terms of fashion. I have a black dress that I never wore because everyone used to tell me that I had to have a black dress.

Well, first of all, if I have what everybody else does it will make me the same as everybody else – and that’s what I want the least. Back in college times, I loved to use those maxi “hippie” skirts, big earrings and basic tees because that made me feel like I was different, you know?

Do you remember those striped pants in black and white? Everybody had one, and I almost bought a pair hahaha Thank goodness I didn’t, I would have regretted so much! Just the same with midi skirts and these pantacourts: I don’t wear them, I don’t feel pretty and comfortable with them, why should I buy them?

Other situation that made me upset and even guilty was to look at my clothes and don’t feel like wearing them anymore. For example, those hippie skirts: they filled up my wardrobe before and now I don’t want to see them in front of me hahaha
I used to think: “Well, I have used them so much and now they are going for donation? What a waste!”

But this feeling is not worth it. We evolve, our style evolves and so do our needs. Today I work in an office, I need more formal clothing, it’s not appropriate – and I don’t want to wear them either!

And it’s ok to make mistakes. Who never bought something wrong or a pair of shoes that hurt? To understand our style, what works and what doesn’t, it takes time and skills. And some mistakes too!

We don’t HAVE to wear anything just because someone said that we should. We have to wear what makes us feel good, right?


about wearing my favorite clothes

Have you ever had thoughts like: “I’m so into this outfit, but I will wear it another day, maybe in a special occasion?” Well, been there, and honestly, I have no idea what situation would be it haha
I buy a piece I love and suddenly, it’s there in my wardrobe waiting to be used. That’s silly, right? I’m always into thoughts that it will be ruined if I wear it, or that I shoundn’t wear it for work, but to go on a date with my hubby on weekends or something like that. Sometimes I wear it, but is this really worth it? I mean, keep it until it doesn’t fit me anymore? (Already happened!).
My husband gave me for birthday these beautiful grey sneakers, so comfy, to use on a daily basis and I almost haven’t worn it because I was afraid to damage it. Then I realized that if I don’t wear it now, when will I? If it gets dirty, I will clean it, end of story. This feeling that some piece I bought was worn out is so good!
Other situation: I use some pieces a lot, I don’t even know how to style them anymore – I sort of get used to them, you know? Then, I don’t feel like using them, and they end up for donation. But have you ever thought of keeping/hiding them somewhere and after some time put them into use again? Maybe this can help us to give a new look at them, I guess. Have you ever tried this?
Well, all I know is that from now on, I can keep one or two pieces in my wardrobe for special occasions, but I will wear most of them whenever I want, bacause if I don’t, what’s the fun, right?
Do you usually do this to your clothes too or it’s just me?

flare jeans + striped shirt

This outfit was completely inspired in one of my favorite bloggers, Caroline from Un-fancy. Do you know her blog? I love her style and she makes a simple outfit become incredible with some acessories, a vest or a necklace. The outfit that was my inspiration was this one:  striped shirt tucked into the jeans, flare and comfortable heels.
I have been wearing a lot of skinnies lately, but I also chose the flare for this outfit, which I haven’t worn for a while (though I love it!), but my button down is long sleeved and not short, as hers.
The striped shirt is one of the things I most liked about her outfit, and mine has these skinny stripes.

It’s wonderful to be inspired by other people and discover how to use what I already own , even it’s not just the same as the original idea. It incites our creativity, don’t you think?

So, how about you? Is there a blogger you follow that inspires you too?

Hope you liked it 🙂


grey dress + cardigan

simpleness-vestido-blusa simpleness-vestido-blusa-2

Some time ago I told you guys I wanted to post an outfit with a dress and sneakers, but I don’t know why I could never do that. I have always preferred ballet flats for run errands or for work, because I always thought sneakers would be too casual. But lately, I have been wearing these slip on shoes so much (can I consider them as a kind of sneakers? haha). In this outfit I chose the slip on shoes and not the ballet flats or ankle booties, because, you know, me and high heels don’t get along really well… haha And also, despite the heels I usually wear are thick and comfortable, still they aren’t perfect for a full day of activities.

I always like to have an easy and practical combo that fits several occasions in case I don’t know what to wear, and this dress is one of the pieces I wear at these moments.

For example, I could wear it with a denim shirt or jacket, or a cardigan, as in the pic. I could also wear a flat, or when it’s chillier, with ankle boots. Same dress, different accessories = a whole new outfit.

That’s why this is one of the pieces I own that I wear the most – I can set it with many items of my closet.

Do you also have a piece like that in your wardrobe?